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Who We Are

Shattering The Stigma is an international student-led project that seeks to eliminate the stigma around mental health. Specifically focusing on mental health portrayals in the media (as they can often be incorrectly dramatized or romanticized), we write weekly blog posts that uncover the inaccuracies in media portrayals, have a platform for students to share their mental health journeys, and have a new and coming Podcast where we discuss these portrayals with experts. 

For too long, the stigma around mental health has silenced students and prevented them from getting the help that they need. With facts, stories, and voices, we hope to shed light on the inaccurate understandings that viewers might have and to shatter the stigma with the truth. 

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Our Work

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Misconceptions In The Media Blog

Media portrayals (books, tv shows, movies) are prominently influential in shaping understandings of how mental health affects a person and the people around them. However, tragically, too often, media mental health portrayals can be unrealistic and overly-dramatized to gauge a larger audience. Instead of informing and educating viewers, these topics are used as mechanisms to enhance storylines. Viewers and readers walk away with misconceptions, which only exaggerate the mental health stigma. In this student-driven blog, our passionate team helps to separate the fact from fiction in these portrayals. With credible research and references, we hope to raise awareness about how depictions in the media are not always accurate and to help foster accurate understandings of mental health.  


Demystifying Depictions Podcast 

Similar to our Misconceptions In The Media Blog, this Podcast also covers mental health depictions in the media. With professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, and neurologists, we delve into specific portrayals of mental health in a variety of books, tv shows, and movies. Listen to get a deeper understanding of fallacies in media coverage and the effect that they can have on their audience. 

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Sharing Our Stories

Our stories are important and everyone has a different story to tell. There power in our voices and narratives. By sharing out, not only do we help our own resolve and healing, but we can help others as well. Our stories can serve as inspiration and lessons. Though we all have so much to learn and share with one other, this sharing can get hindered by a fear of speaking out and being judged. On this platform, students are empowered to share their journeys and can do so anonymously. One story at a time, we hope to shatter the stigma and foster a more understanding world. ​

Shattering The Stigma -  A Blog, Podcast, and Platform for Student Stories     

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